Convex Engineering Group

We use convex optimization to rethink the engineering design process. Convexity helps engineering teams develop a deep understanding of system tradeoffs by providing mathematical guarantees while solving for thousands of decision variables in seconds. In our modeling framework GPkit, convexity serves as a shared design language. GPkit and the design process we’ve built around it are integral to the conception and design of the MIT Jungle Hawk Owl, an unmanned aircraft designed to stay aloft for five days.

These methods are also in active use at Aurora Flight Sciences, Hyperloop One, Kitty Hawk, RAND, Shell Oil and Google [x].

Our Research is Open Source

We incorporate new insights and algorithms into these tools as patterns of their use mature, and maintain an open-source library of reusable models. If you have questions or would like to get involved, send us an email!

Software Tools

Design Explorations